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Where can I get free wifi in Honolulu?

The City has partnered with the private sector to provide these free wifi locations:

Downtown Locations
1000 Bishop
1188 Fort Street Mall
1580 Makaloa
Academy of the Pacific
Chinatown SMB Office
Chinatown Police Station
Chinatown Vendors Ocean View
Frank F. Fasi Municipal Building
Harbor Court Lobby
Honolulu Hale
Ala Moana, Waikiki Locations
Haagen Daaz Waikiki
Haagen Daaz Ala Moana
Kalakaua District Park
McCully shopping center
Palolo MAAC (Palolo Valley District Park)
Waikiki Trade Center
Ewa, Nanakuli, Waianae Locations
Child and Family Services Ewa
Ewa Beach District Park
Kapolei Hale
Maili Beach Park
Nanakuli Beach Park
Pililaau Park
Kailua, Waimanalo Locations
108 Hekili Street
130 Kailua Road
305 Hahani St.
600 Kailua Road
Waimanalo Feed Supply
Multiple Locations
Aloha Inns
Aloha Tone Office
Burgers on the Edge
609 Kailua Road
C&C Honolulu - Fire Department, Police Department, Zoo
Caliente Del Sol
Fighting Eel
Good to Grill
Gospel Light House
Hawaii Pet Nanny
Henry Loui’s
Hiki Technologies
One Fine Day
Palama Market (2) locations
Pearl Highlands Center
Progressive Telecom
Sumida & Tsuchiyama
Tri-net Solutions Office

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